Guided Jeep Tours

At Overland Unlimited we believe that getting outside into nature will energize and deliver balance to your life.

When I feel overwhelmed with life’s troubles I head for the local Smoky Mountains, “God’s Country”, to see and experience waterfalls, rivers, lakes, mountain vistas and forests.  The experience gives me perspective and renewed energy that helps me overcome my troubles.

Sure, anyone can a rent a Jeep and take their family out to see the spectacular and remote Smoky Mountains wild lands.  But what if......they get lost....run out of gas.....get stuck due to mud, a down tree, rock slide or a forest fire or simply have a mechanical breakdown in the back country?

At Overland Unlimited, we put your safety first.  We work with State, National Forest, and Department of Natural Resources and they require us to have the permits, certification, proper gear and plans for:

Medical emergency – Certified WFR, trauma kit.

Routes selection – Timings, ecological impact.

Communications – Satellite phone, vehicle to vehicle radios.

Recovery – Each Jeep carries a winch, chain saw, snatch blocks, ropes, shoves, max tracks.  We have also have a backup Jeeps.

Insurance – Commercial vehicle and a general liability outfitter policy

Each Jeep is equipped with all the necessary gear for overland travel and survival in the back country.  Your lead driver is a certified WFR (wilderness first responder) or medic and an expert in mountain off road driving... just in case.

Over the years we have scouted hundreds of miles of back country roads. We can take you to amazing pristine places you may have never heard of and probably wouldn’t find in a month of Sundays.

We chose the iconic Jeep Wrangler because its military tough and offers unsurpassed views.  We significantly upgraded the suspension and drive train to improve ride comfort, performance and safety for our clients.

If you ever feel like you need to rejuvenate and get energized, this is the tour for you. Come join us today.  

Book your adventure today! Call 864-373-4022 or email us at justin@overlandunlimited.com for available dates.  

We are open 6 days a week, year round.

DuPont State Forest Guided Jeep Tour.
(Not available on weekends or public holidays)
Smoky Mountain Guided Jeep Tour. 
(Available Monday to Saturday and on public holidays)

Sunday - Closed 

DuPont State Forest Guided Jeep Tour

Where will we go?

- Green River Nature Preserve

- Pinnacle Mountain

- Exclusive waterfall and lake tour of DuPont State Forest

        (See movie locations for "Deliverance")

- Caesars Head overlook 

- Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area
South Carolina Smoky Mountain Guided Jeep Tour

Where will we go?

- Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area

- Caesars Head

- Sassafras Mountain

- Lake Jocassee Jumping off Rock

(See movie locations for "Hunger Games" and "Last of the Mohicans")


Question and Answers……

Where do we meet our Mountain Guide?

Pick up and drop off location is at Overland Unlimited HQ.

3022 Geer Hwy, Marietta SC 29661. 

We are 15 miles and only 20 minutes from downtown Greenville, South Carolina. We are easy to find, on Hwy 276 opposite the Marietta Fire Rescue Station.  

When should we arrive?        8:00 am

When will we be back?          3:00 pm

How active will the day be?

You can relax or be as active as you like.  There will plenty of stops to enjoy the sights and the sounds of nature.  You can relax at the top of the falls and enjoy the scenery or hike the steep trails to the river and cool off your feet.

Where do I leave my car for the day?

You will park inside our garage so that your car is secure and out of the weather.

 What is included?

  • Snacks (Trail Mix)
  • Water

What should I wear?

  • Light comfortable layers
  • Fleece for chilly morning with the Jeep doors of
  • Rain coat. We love those refreshing mountain showers
  • Closed toe shoes.  We prefer light hiking boots or trainers

What should I bring?

  1. Picnic lunch
  2. Sun Screen
  3. Dress for the outdoors and hot weather
  4. Light rain jacket
  5. Closed toe shoes
  6. Camera
  7. Lip balm
  8. Personal medication

What will we see?

  1. Pristine Smoky mountain wildlands
  2. Local wildlife
  3. Rainforest
  4. Waterfalls
  5. Lakes
  6. Rivers

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